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 Kyyndred’s Candles are hand made on at a time with pure essential oils and  Magickal intent. These candles are not room fresheners. They are meant for ritual space or spiritual healing. If you are looking for a fufu smelly candle you will have to go to the fufu store because sometimes Magick smells like dirt. The wick burns very bright in these candles and should not be left unattendeded.

Magick Responsibly

About Me

  I've been a solitary practicing witch for  30 years  making my own herbal remedies, tinctures, candles, and general pagan craft. I'm also a certified herbalist and have been practicing for 10 years.I'm a collector and a bit eccentric. I'm also a wife and a mother. I'm early crone of age. If my  magickal candles can be of assistance of you, I'm happy to provide . 

Magickal Scents

 Each candle is specifically colored and matched with blends of cypress and pine, frankincense and myrrh and other earthly scents..I have over 100 essential oils I use to correspond with the magickal intent. No two candles smell the same. Custom blends are also available. 

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